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This report will detail some of the major issues concerning the U.S.-Mexico border and the interconnected nature of the problems. It first examines the violence between narcotraficantes, that which has resulted in the crackdown against them by the Mexican Government through mobilization of the military. The resulting violence and kidnappings have brought about minimal confidence in civilian authorities, the administration of justice, and democratic governance. This report discusses the resulting public insecurity that has afflicted Mexico in the last few years. This report explores the economic contours along the U.S. border, and the reactions of the U.S. Government to what is happening in the north part, and at times, the entire country to the south. It then examines the clampdown on illegal immigration, and the border security-homeland defense industries.4 Lastly, this report then explores how, despite all the nastiness, the U.S.-Mexico border remains a place of hope and courage.