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The purpose of this article is to analyze and compare women lawyers in Germany with women lawyers in the United States: their legal education, gender proportion in the legal profession, work opportunities, satisfaction with professional choices, and role conflicts. 22 Part I of this article will describe Germany's legal education and compare it with U.S. legal education. Part II will review the literature and issues relevant to German women lawyers as compared with U.S. women lawyers and will summarize and analyze how societal attitudes have affected women's choices in Germany and in the United States. Part III will compare demographic and role conflict data collected from a population of fifty-five German women lawyers with the data from a selected sample of female attorneys in San Diego, California. Part IV concludes with observations from this cross-cultural analysis of role conflict and with a call to restructure the legal environment in both countries to be inclusive and family friendly- with the goal to find ways to promote and to retain female lawyers.