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This article will describe internalized oppression and racism and expose the harms they cause. It will also dissect the reasons we engage in internalized oppression and racism and explain that once the reasons are exposed, it will be easier to engage in a conscious effort to reduce and ultimately eradicate internalized oppression and racism. Part II of this article defines internalized oppression and internalized racism and elaborates on ways that they are generally expressed in the Latino community. Part III explains how Latinos' internalized racism is reflected in some areas of the law by detailing both Latinos' support for a number of harmful legislative measures and the actions taken by a Latino school board against other Latinos. Part IV re-imagines Latino identity without internalized oppression and racism and suggests ways to overcome internalized oppression and racism at both the group and individual levels. The article concludes that simultaneous efforts to reduce subordination, while exposing internalized oppression and racism, are the first steps required to alleviate the harm resulting from internalized oppression and racism. The next step is to engage proactively in the self-defining process. Finally, we must collaborate with other antisubordination activists, scholars, and lawmakers and capitalize on our newly self-defined positive identity.